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Site Management

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Lifecycle Management Software

For Today's Energy Producers

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Analyze On!

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ARO Management

• Project Planning

• Site Specific Cost Analysis

• Netback Calculator By Site

Web based, offline functional lifecycle & project management:
Well, Facility, Pipeline and Site Closure

Well Lifecycle, Site Lifecycle, Liability Management...
One System.


How much time do you spend reconciling invoices to tickets and/or cost estimates? With Strattix, you can view cost estimates, field estimates and invoices in one place allowing you to spend less time approving invoices and more time managing projects.


How are you currently managing your cost accruals? Do you consistently find discrepancies from field estimates to actual costs on field tickets and invoices? Strattix can integrate your accounting and financial workflow systems to reduce reporting errors and speed up invoice approvals.

Field Consultants

Are you tired of manual data entry? Do you have multiple data sources that need to be in one central location? Strattix integrates and pulls data from EDR systems, frac providers, excel spreadsheets and other software systems to import data preventing duplicate entry and increasing data accuracy.

Enviro Coordinators

Are you managing your reclamation program on excel spreadsheets? or software that does not communicate well with your D&C system? Imagine one location for all site activities and liability management with on demand and scheduled reporting for the business. Import AER data and export liability reporting quickly and efficiently. Manage personnel activities through assigned tasks and alerts by site, project or asset.

I.T. Managers

How complex is your data cube? How much time and effort do you spend on field data extraction requests? With Strattix, you can have more reports contained in one location with prebuilt extraction. We can give your users the power to manage their data without utilizing expensive data storage tools. Ditch the on-prem servers and install/version management with a true SaaS solution.

Sr. Management

Consistent cost creep impacting your business? Strattix provides precision cost tracking tools to know the who, when and why related to cost overruns. Whether it's high invoice to field estimate variance totals, phantom invoices or late invoices Strattix has integrated workflow to track, identify and resolve cost creep issues.

  • Field Data Capture & Reporting
  • Precision Cost Tracking
  • EDR Integration
  • PO Management
  • Diagram Management
  • Field Data Capture & Reporting
  • Precision Cost Tracking
  • Frac Data Provider Integration
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Diagram Management
  • Site Lifecycle Management
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Liability Management
  • Rec. Program Site Selection
  • Site Closure Project Management




With Strattix Site Closure Project Management

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What our clients say

VP Operations"The Strattix analytics system has allowed us to gain valuable insights into our operations in order to optimize time and cost on our projects. We now realize what we were missing out on all these years."
E&P Client
Drilling Manager"Strattix is by far the easiest reporting software I have ever used. The intuitive layout makes data entry quick and simple, not to mention visually appealing. Other software requires massive amounts of training and on-site experts, where I was able to pick up the Strattix workflow in a matter of hours. The visualizations of our data are extremely convenient and easily deciphered to where we can make educated cost saving decisions on our programs"
Drilling Manager
E&P Client
Controller"Strattix has allowed our cost tracking and invoice reconciliation process to be substantially enhanced. In addition, precise accrual reporting has assisted greatly with our forecasting. Now we know at the click of a button what our to date costs are in the field."
E&P Client